The National Trial Lawyers was founded by Illinois attorney John P. Casey to combine his two greatest passions: trying cases and the sport of cycling. He has taken his skill in the courtroom and is now attempting to give back to the cycling community, which has brought him so much joy and camaraderie for many years.

As the number of bikers on the streets grows, so does the number of car versus bike accidents. Unfortunately, there has been a growing resentment toward cyclists as our numbers grow. On the road, bikers are at a decided disadvantage. John created to offer a forum for cyclists from all over to join together and champion our rights to the road, as well as to advocate for those who are injured by thoughtless and neglectful drivers. We don't need to sit idly, do nothing and fall victim. We have rights. We have a voice.

John is an avid cyclist and longtime triathlete. He completed his first triathlon in 1986 in Chicago. Over the years John has completed countless triathlons, including two Ironman events. You will see him on the road frequently throughout the season, riding as many century rides as he can throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. The biking community is such an inviting and caring group, and John is thankful and proud to be a part of it.

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